UX Case Study:

The Story:

My team and I were presented with the challenge to improve the overall usability of the ParkPoolR web application. ParkPoolR connects homeowners and businesses with parking spots to those looking for parking options and expands the availability and accessibility of parking near special events.


  • Improve speed and learnability of the site by gaining insights into what feature modifications would be ideal to prioritize.

  • Ensure low barrier to entry and improve retention rate of the platform by gaining insights into the application’s overall usability. 

  • Determine user’s attitudes about site functions, payment method(s) and confirmation/cancellation of tasks.

The Process:

Usability Review:
​My team and I first conducted a usability review to test the general usability of ParkPoolR using Jakob Nielsen’s set of heuristics. We wanted to determine what parts of the application were working and what parts needed working on in preparation for our usability tests and interviews. We discovered varying degrees of severity in heuristic violations. Including but not limited to lack of consistency, lack of visibility, and lack of confirmation. The results of the usability review revealed the gaps in usability in the application, making our evaluation focuses and goals easy to determine.

Test Script and Participants:
After the evaluation goals were set, my team and I began planning our remote usability tests and in-person usability interviews. We started by creating our test script with our evaluation goals at the forefront of planning that as well as our user scenarios. We also started to recruit participants.
(Download full Test Script here.)

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 5.24.55 PM.png

Remote Usability Tests:
With our test script ready, my team and I conducted eight(two per team individual) remote usability tests using Join.Me to record the screen, camera, and audio of our sessions. We then collaboratively gathered our raw findings via Trello in preparation for our in-person usability interviews.

In-Person Usability Interviews:
Continuing to use our test script and scenarios, my team and I conducted four in-person usability interviews rotating our roles for each session. Each of us moderated, took notes, observed, and provided tech support.


Once all of the usability tests and interviews were completed and the raw findings were manifested, my team and I used an affinity diagram method to detect patterns in the data. We used this to tie together themes and commonalities. 



Key Findings; General:
Through these various methods, we discovered that ParkPoolR was a concept users loved, but certainly not one without varying degrees of usability challenges. 
(Download full Findings and Recommendations Report here.)

Key Findings; HomePage:
Overall, the users found the design pleasant and intuitive. Several noted that they liked the green. However, the majority of users had a difficult time understanding the concept right away. 

Recommendations; HomePage:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 4.22.41 PM.png

Key Findings; Driver Scenario:

Recommendations; Driver Scenario:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 4.22.55 PM.png

Key Findings; Host Scenario:

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 4.19.01 PM.png

Recommendations; Host Scenario:

Screen Shot


Design Methods Used:

  • Usability Review

  • Remote Usability Tests

  • In-Person Usability Interviews

  • Synthesis

  • Affinity Diagram

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

Software Used:

  • Join.Me

  • Trello

  • Google Suite

  • Keynote

  • Sketch

  • Axure