3M Age In Place
Care System
UX Case Study:

The Story:

3M presented to myself and my team the challenge to design a connected end-to-end design strategy for their Healthcare unit. This new design system is to help enable individuals age in place in their own homes; despite deteriorating health, cognitive ability, and physical capabilities.


  • Leverage existing research of the problem space and current users

  • Identify opportunity areas

  • Conceptualize a design system that aligns with 3M’s strengths and user needs

The Process:

Deep Dive:
​My team and I started our design process with a deep information dive to gain a more extensive understanding of the problem space, with a principal focus on understanding the users and their circumstances. 

Understanding our Users:
My team and I began to understand our primary and secondary users:

  • Aging in place individuals

  • Their caregivers

We also began to uncover what they value:

  • Independence

  • Comfort

  • Family Engagement

Synthesis and Strategy Statement:
After synthesizing the insights we gathered during our deep dive debrief while keeping our users and their values in mind, we created a strategy statement to guide our project.

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 12.59.21 PM.pn


Connected Experience Map:
My team and I created a connected experience map to demonstrate how the Age In Place Care System will fit together to form a cohesive multipoint user experience that personifies our strategy statement. 

Multi-touch Point Components:
The Age In Place Care System contains five main components that all use sensory feedback to gently reinforce well-being as well as communicate with one another and the Caregiver's app:

  • Smart Frame(The component I am responsible for)

  • Smart Entry

  • Smart Fridge

  • Smart Care Sensor

  • Seat Buddy

Smart Frame Prototype:

Screen Shot
Screen Shot

Leveraging Existing 3M Technology:
By focusing on communication and reinforcing well-being while maintaining independence, the Age In Place Care System will help to enable individuals to age in place in their homes longer.
The existing 3M technology we can leverage for this project includes but is not limited to:

  • Data and Analytical Science

  • Electronic  and Connected Systems

  • Sensors

  • Software Solutions

  • Healthcare Data Management


Design Methods Used:

  • Synthesis

  • Scenarios

  • Connected Experience Map

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping

Software Used:

  • Google Suite

  • Keynote

  • Sketch

  • Axure